Marvel Studios To Declare CIVIL WAR In CAPTAIN AMERICA 3!

Come 2016, two of the biggest, most iconic characters in the history of the superhero movie genre will be pitted against one another, and so will Batman and Superman. Variety’s Marc Graser has posted one bombshell of an article, reporting that Robert Downey, Jr. is in talks with Marvel Studios to join Chris Evans in CAPTAIN AMERICA 3. For the first time ever, though, audiences may find it a little difficult to like Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, when he plays the role of antagonist to Captain America in an adaptation of Marvel’s famed CIVIL WAR storyline from the comics.  Continue reading


Marvel Releases First Official Photo Of DAREDEVIL!

Sure, the concept art was cool, but Marvel has upped the ante with the first official look at Charlie Cox in costume as DAREDEVIL. As we saw in Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada’s artwork earlier today, this costume emphasizes the point of Marvel’s Netflix series starring street-level heroes. It’s not all about the superhero, though, as Marvel also released a photo of Cox in civilian clothes as Matt Murdock.

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Daredevil Netflix

Marvel’s DAREDEVIL Revealed In New Concept Art

Marvel has delivered our first glimpse of DAREDEVIL via concept art by Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada. While it doesn’t look all that “super,” this costume fits the “street-level heroes” description that’s been given for DAREDEVIL and Marvel’s other upcoming Netflix series- JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST, and the team up series, THE DEFENDERS.  Continue reading


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Animated Series Coming To Disney XD!

While basking in the ongoing glow of the film’s box office success, Marvel is now expanding GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to the small screen via an animated series on Disney XD. Marvel turned the long reported rumors into reality with an official announcement at New York Comic Con. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will join the Marvel Universe programming block on Disney XD in 2015, but you can enjoy a teaser and, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, some artwork from the show now.  Continue reading


SMT #215: Marvel Prepares For Phase 3 And Beyond!

It’s been a wild week of news for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though most of it is comprised of rumors. Keep your salt at the ready as we discuss the potential AVENGERS 3 roster, a two-part AVENGERS threequel, and Sony attempting to insert Spider-Man in the MCU. We also talk about where Marvel goes from here for DOCTOR STRANGE now that Joaquin Phoenix is no longer in the picture.

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