Game. Set. FLASH: ‘The Man In The Yellow Suit’ Delivers.


Like, an authentic, Keanu Reeves style, whoaaa.

In short- I binge watched the past 5 episodes of CW’s The Flash last night and HOLY HELL! Here’s a quick timeline of my thoughts from my Twitter.

flash1 flash2 flash3 flash4 flash5

If you haven’t watched the episode STOP READING! SPOILERS AND THEORIES AHEAD!


Still with me? OK. Here it goes.

DAMN THAT WAS GOOD! Seeing Reverse-Flash kick the hell out of The Flash, twice, and wreck him both times was pretty epic. And as someone who wasn’t a big Flash fan until the New 52 came out a few years ago, I can tell you that I’m now fully on board with this character and want to further invest my time in a) the history of The Flash and b) watching this show on the regular (which, to be fair, is something I started doing. But you know, work, life, kid, wife, etc.). This show, in just 9 episodes, has, in my opinion, become the best comic book television show of all time. EVER. This show makes Smallville look like summer camp. This show is the show that Gotham wishes it could be. Count me in.

So… who is Reverse-Flash?


If you go by what was shown to us, you’d believe that it’s Dr. Harrison Wells, Barry Allen’s friend (?) and S.T.A.R. Labs director. Now, is it possible? Absolutely. Especially when he has, as we’ve been show throughout the season, use of his legs AND he was able to vibrate his vocal chords to alter the sound, just like Barry does when speaking to Iris as The Flash. So… Dr. Wells? I don’t think so. It’s a little too obvious, right? It’s a little too tidy. And, in the episode, Reverse-Flash takes Wells from his chair and beats the hell out of him, nearly killing him in the process. Then there’s that final scene, in which Wells walks into his (sweet) lair and opens up door (with the power of the Flash ring!) that reveals the yellow suit, in all its glory (as seen in the photo above). It’s at that point that he speaks with the vibrating voice that I mentioned before. Wells then put the device on the Reverse-Flash suit, making it move, in place, at a frantic pace. But how could this be possible? How could Wells be present and accounted for AND kicking Barry’s (and his own) ass as Reverse-Flash?

Because Harrison Wells isn’t the only Reverse-Flash.

Time travel would allow for future Wells to come back to present day, making sure Barry Allen’s own future stays in place (which is what he’s been doing). Reverse-Flash even told the Flash that his mom dying was destiny, just as it was in Flash’s destiny to lose to him. These two guys, Flash and his counterpart, have been doing this for a very long time, as mentioned in the latters monologue. And we also know that The Flash, Barry or otherwise, was present at the time of Nora Allen’s murder, given the red streaks we saw in the pilot (a connection that Cisco makes while seeing The Flash/Reverse-Flash battle earlier that evening). But the biggest red flag to me, other than Wells being beaten by Reverse-Flash, was when the Yellow Speedster stopped in front of Eddie, starring him in the face before vanishing.


That. Was. HUGE. And, ultimately, I believe that this present day Reverse-Flash, who is really from the future, is Eddie Thawne. Eddie, by nature, is the total opposite of Barry Allen in almost every physical and emotional capacity. Eddie is the high school quarterback to Barry’s chess club president. Eddie even has Barry’s long-time love, Iris, making him the man that has now taken the two most important women in Barry’s life out of his life. I don’t have any idea how this will come to pass as the season(s) progress, but it’s quite clear that, to me, Eddie will eventually become Reverse-Flash, going back in time to kill Barry’s mother, making sure Barry’s destiny and eventual death, according to our villain, come courtesy of him. It makes sense, right? And even if they’ve been doing this for a long time, who says it has to be when they’re both in costume? Eddie started a task force to bring down The Flash. Flash, in the amazing cross-over episode with Arrow, attacked Eddie (even though he was under a spell), leading Eddie to further suspect that the Flash is no-good and should be stopped. Look at the irony that is already so very well written into the character of Eddie Thawne.

We could even theorize that while Wells is a meta-human, he’s not the Reverse-Flash but just the inventor of the suit and it’s advances. Remember how I spoke about the suit working, while at a stand-still and no one inside? Maybe Wells created the suit so that Barry will have something to mentally and physically test himself against, but the suits falls into the wrong hands? Eddie’s hands.

The Flash’s mid-season finale was perfect. So perfect, in fact, that it left us with more questions than answers. I can’t wait to see where this show takes us next.

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