Judging from the box office, not many people saw FRANK MILLER’S SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR. But, I’m sure some readers did go. So what did you think? Deserved or underserved failure? What are the highlights? What are the lowlights? Enquiring minds want to know.
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Doctor Who Deep Breath

Review: Doctor Who S8, Ep. 1 “Deep Breath”

“Deep Breath” is both the title of Peter Capaldi’s initial episode and advice for a certain section of the fanbase who are likely in for a readjustment as The Doctor goes in a wildly different direction. Gone is the youthful manic energy, the good looks, the goofy pleasantness, and in is a more old school, acerbic, and quiet Doctor. One who you don’t know quite what to expect from and is not, at first glance, comforting.
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Marvel’s ANT-MAN Begins

After a tumultuous last few months, ANT-MAN starts principal photography today, as Peyton Reed announced via Twitter. A lot is riding on Peyton Reed as he’s aiming to hit a release date of July 17, 2015, although if Marvel has to push back the release date a few weeks, I don’t think anyone but the internet community, and some theater owners, would care.

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Podcast #208: Batfleck Speaks; Marvel Goes Inhuman

On this edition of Superhero Movie & TV Talk, Andy DiGenova of Real Fans 4 Real Movies and Holy BatCast joins our panel to discuss a busy DC and Marvel news week. We talk about Warner Bros. hiring to writers to develop separate Aquaman scripts and Ben Affleck’s recent comments on playing Batman. We then turn our attention toward Marvel’s plans for THE INHUMANS and the mysterious identity of Star-Lord’s dad in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2. Finally, we wonder aloud what it would be like if Disney acquired Time Warner, putting Marvel and DC under the same roof.

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Star Wars With Friends Logo

Star Wars With Friends #4: THE CLONE WARS- “CAT AND MOUSE”

Our commentaries for STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS kick off with “Cat and Mouse” (Season 2, Episode 16), a battle of wits between Anakin Skywalker and Separatist Admiral Trench inspired by films such as THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

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Groot Wants You Back In Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Clip

Marvel Studios has officially released one of the most purely joyous, hilarious scenes from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (and that’s saying something). If you haven’t seen the movie, go take care of that first before coming back and reliving this scene over and over again. For those who’ve seen the film, you may proceed straight to the reliving part. Continue reading



Inspired by Frank Miller’s DAREDEVIL run, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES have been pop culture favorites for close to 30 years. They’re still going strong with $65 million in the bank from a big opening weekend. I’m figuring that some of our readers must have seen it, so here’s an open forum to give your reactions.
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Momoa Aquaman

Warner Bros. Wants Two Competing Scripts For AQUAMAN

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has hired Will Beall (GANGSTER SQUAD) and Kurt Johnstad (300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE) to write AQUAMAN. Each man will write a different script, giving Warner Bros. the ability to choose the best one. While the studio has not issued any official word on this news, it is probable AQUAMAN will fill one of the nine open release dates Warner Bros. has for DC films between 2016 and 2020. Continue reading


Marvel Reportedly Moving Forward With THE INHUMANS; Could Vin Diesel Star?

Collider has learned through its sources that Marvel Studios is planning to move forward with THE INHUMANS. The studio already has a script they like from Joe Robert Cole and will be reaching out to directors in hopes of releasing the film on one of several dates Marvel has booked between 2017 and 2019. Vin Diesel has also teased his involvement on social media. Continue reading

GOTG Peter Quill

James Gunn To Give Star-Lord A New Father In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

In an exclusive interview with Empire, writer/director James Gunn has shed some light on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2. Gunn talked about Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) father and whether or not we will see the return of Thanos on July 28, 2017.

Fair warning: the rest of this article contains some spoilers for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, so make sure you’ve seen the film before reading. Continue reading

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