MMM Podcast, Episode 72: Legacy of The Bat

The Gentlemen have ripped through an over-stuffed mailbag and our listeners were kind enough to provide some excellent questions, prompting a rather lively discussion. We check in on DC’s New 52, examine the reintroduction of Alan Scott, debate Mr. Freeze’s new origin, discuss The Joker not being referenced at all in “TDKR,” state the merits of writer David Goyer, and so much more! We were also asked how our perception of Nolan’s trilogy would be affected in the unlikely event that “The Dark Knight Rises” falls below our lofty expectations. Listen for our answers in this brand new MMM Podcast!

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  • Nick Poling

    I like the new intro, but I really think it should end on a better, more epic quote.

    Just a thought!

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a movie than I am for TDKR. I’m seriously gonna flip right the hell out when it’s finally released.

  • Sean Gerber

    Sorry, Nick, but we love the intro ending on “Gentlemen.” #Branding

  • Matt

    Yeah I like the new intro WAY better. Ending with Fury saying “Gentlemen” works well.

  • CylonBingo

    Have you ever considered including in the podcast details the time stamp when each new topic is being discussed? It would help listeners like me who would rather skip the comics talk and get right into the mailbag.

  • Michael Murdock

    Dear Gentlemen,

    I only recently came upon Modern Myth Media (via BOF) and am happy to say that I have become an instant fan of the site! Here is something I would like to get Sean and the rest of the Gentlemen’s opinion on in future podcast:

    While there are several ongoing Bat books in the post New 52 DC Universe, Batman and Detective Comics are arguably the two flagship titles in that part of the DCU. How do you compare Scott Snyder’s work to Tony S. Daniel’s? Which do you think is the stronger book and what do you think each one offers reader’s that the other doesn’t? Do they compliment each other or just cause unnecessary continuity issues?

    My personal opinion is that while Detective had a phenomenal first issue, the book as a whole has been rather unsatisfying. Plot threads are started that don’t seem to get resolved (Alfred is a hologram? Where is the Joker?) and there seems to be an over all lack of cohesiveness. Contrast this with what Snyder is doing over in Batman, which to me is not only the superior of these two books, but perhaps one of the best runs on the character I have ever read. Batman just seems to have a much clearer direction and a more consistent characterization of all characters involved.

    Keep up the good work, I will be tuning in for all future podcasts!


    Also, any thoughts on: