MMM Podcast, Episode 89: ‘Dredd’ Roundtable

The Lady & Gentlemen are joined by RISING AGAINST CANCER donor Michael Young for this week’s roundtable discussion of “Dredd.” For those keeping score at home, that means our panel is comprised of about half the people who saw the film during its opening weekend. Such injustice cannot stand. For those who’ve seen the film, you’ll get all the over-analysis you crave. For those who haven’t, we invite you to listen to the opening, spoiler-free half hour of the show in which we explain why you should not miss this hidden gem that could one day be a cult favorite.

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  • dean

    oh man. great show. im listening to you guys while looking for a dredd t shirt. i loved this movie and character and i dont even get into this kind of stuff. im learning about dredd more/more. its like i want to know him. urban did a A1+ work. thanks for your podcast guys! i went to see by myself. my friends saw another movie. i wanted to explode in discovery but had nobody to share with. lets hope for a sequel.

  • djseeley

    Why isn’t anyone on the ‘cast talking about Lionsgate’s bad marketing strategy? Sure, the mention of relying solely on SDCC is noted – and the (over) reliance on the fan crowd as opposed to a wider audience is suggested. But there’s no debate on this. The trailers for Dredd underwhelms, but the film itself is a surprise and turns out better than what is seen in trailers.

    Do memories of the ’95 film give pause? Maybe. I would like to think it does not, but that won’t stop varied media outlets from saying that it isn’t related. After all, there were some members of the general public who thought Batman Begins was a prequel (or sequel) to the previous franchise.

    But I think the panel missed the boat on why Dredd pulled in small box office numbers despite off all good things seen and heard. It does not surprise me in the least. Here’s things the panel either didn’t mention or skimmed over:

    1 – Again, the trailer (s) didn’t do the film much favor.

    2 – 3D prices might have been a minor turnoff.

    3 – The overall box office for past few weeks for most films haven’t been that great. Everyone’s taking a small pinch.

    4 – How well did the recent ‘Total Recall; film do? Last years ‘In Time’? Are audiences getting tired with futuristic-like dystopian sci-films (aside from Hunger Games which had a name brand of novels behind it). I’ll know for sure if this is the case in a few weeks when Looper opens up. (would like MMM to do a podcast on that film when it arrives)

    5 – Other films opening against Dredd, including ‘End Of Watch’ (which had also gotten buzz) and House at the End of the Street – which starred Jennifer Lawrence (and the film that won the weekend).

    6- There may be some who (erroneously) think it’s ripping off the overrated (in my view anyway) ‘The Raid’ and there may be some who feel it’s another Die Hard clone at least in part.

    7- I’m going to catch hell for this- even though I agree with it, but here it goes. Dredd never takes his helmet off. To a comics audiences, this is fine. To a mainstream audience, it is a tougher sell.

    8- On a personal mote, as much as I liked the film, I didn’t love it. I am **not** a huge fan of slo-mo shots. Also, a week or so ago, there was the Resident Evil film, which I skipped but it’s my understanding that it’s in 3D and has lots of slo-mo shots and over the top violence.

    9. Add them all up. A recipe for disaster.

    Would it have been better if it was released earlier? If you mean before the SDCC I would say yes. If you mean right after, I would say no. Why?
    Total Recall and Expendables 2. That’s why.

    Yes, it is injustice that it seems folks are staying home. But take heart. When I watched Dredd there were at least 30 people, and none of them were women with a bun in the oven. Not to my knowledge, anyway.

  • Rich

    Awesome review, definitely the best one I’ve heard so far, very few stones were left unturned IMO.

    In regards to Anderson’s test scores, as far as I’m concerned, based on my prior experience with the comics she failed mainly due to her psychological profile. in the comics she’s seen by other judges as being too easy going, not disciplined enough, having too much empathy etc, so its making decisions such as what happened with the tech guy that got her failed in the 1st place. Obviously in the real world empathy is seen as an important aspect, but the comics have more of an openly anti-fascist stance than the movie did IMO.

  • JCCD

    I saw Dredd 3D, and really enjoyed it, And agree with most of your opinoins. If I get a chance to see it in theaters again, it will be Dredd 2D.
    If the movie was mostly shot in 3D, it was not done well/correctly.
    Granted this is better 3D than NarniaVOTDT, exept for the begining of the tele-interigation scene(F Grade). Which is very reminicent of Narnia’s quality.
    The best I could give the 3D is a C for minimal scenes, but most of it was very swayed between D- Through C-.

    Being the gentelmen and lady have more of an average movie go’ers eyes in respects to judge the quality of the 3D that was viewed. I’m not as mad as I was while listening to the comments. But it does anger me over the industry as a whole over what is vs. what should be or could have been.

    If true they intended this movie from a creative/want to be in 3D, I hope they know it was not as good as I hope they dont think how good it was.
    (hard sentence)

    One thing Dredd 3D might have over Avengers 3D is better shot to shot depth transition. CapitanAmerica talking to HawkEye in his quarters was a doozy of a 3D continuity error. But Dredd had some issues as well.

    I indeed recommend Dredd. It was cool,fun,badass and interesting for what they chose to show us. And perhaps more interesting what they decided to not show/tell us(audience) at all.

    DREDD good go see.

    3D did not make me vomit.
    3D did not make me face palm with rage (Narnia)
    3D Did make feel dissapointed.

    But DREDD still good go see.

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  • Jean

    A kick ass movie! Loved it. Getting a group of friends together to go see it tomorrow night.

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  • Joe Soap

    The Mark Millar and Grant Morrison runs on Dredd were the worst stroies in the character’s history, the very worst and derided by fans as part of Dredd’s early 90’s slump that culminated in the Stallone film. Stay away from them and buy Wagner & Grant’s stuff and then maybe Garth Ennis.