JGL Bound for JL?


Christopher Nolan wrapped up his “Dark Knight Trilogy” with a glimpse of what might be in store for John Blake and the legend of The Batman after Bruce Wayne’s retirement. Now, Warner Bros. is reportedly looking to unwrap what will be for the future Caped Crusader by way of the studio’s proposed “Justice League” film. HitFix states in no uncertain terms that its sources say actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will “absolutely” return as the new Batman for the long-awaited team up movie.

Despite the strong wording, we’ve seen things that “sources say” fail to come to fruition before. This should all be taken with a grain of salt for now, but there is no question this news will inspire extreme reactions from those for and against this potential casting move. We’ll be following this story closely as it develops.

  • http://davesverse.blogspot.com Dave

    If true I’m torn. I loved JGL and the idea of Blake becoming Batman at the end of Rises. But I love that movie and the Nolan trilogy so much that I’m not sure I want to risk anyone else screwing with it.

  • Tyler

    No way I see this happening. NO WAY.

  • http://www.facebook.com/etourist David Arandle

    I’d just be interested to see what JGL would bring to the role of Batman whether he continues from the Nolanverse as John Blake or he takes on the role of Bruce Wayne in the new film.

  • http://gravatar.com/eendhugo Hugo

    Fanboy dreams, will never fly

  • http://none Adrian Edmondson

    Not sure about this , kinda ruins the ending to TDKR . So now he is running around with a guy with super human strength , a amazon , a guy who runs very fast etc …..

  • Roger

    Loved the TDKR and love the ending even more, but this story right here… NO WAY, please don’t let this happen!

    Everyone already knows him John Blake (Robin), you can’t have a Batman in a JL movie without it being BRUCE WAYNE as the Dark Knight himself!

  • heyberto

    If JGL plays Bruce Wayne, I’m fine with this. That means it’s not a direct tie. If he’s John Blake, then I’m against it 100%.

  • George

    I wish they would leave the Nolan trilogy out of JL.

  • J D

    I’m torn too but only because I wouldn’t want anyone from Nolan’s franchise being in a bad Justice League movie. I don’t think this would take anything away from Nolan’s trilogy, however, as his story was all about Bruce’s story from beginning to end. Having JGL continue on in JL with H.C. As Superman would be a lot easier for fans to accept than having a brand new Bruce Wayne. It’s a smart move by WB if it happens. Lets just hope the movie is good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/darren.j.seeley Darren James Seeley

    Okay,WB. DO that. I dare you. Just make sure he plays The Flash.

  • Stock

    Don’t care for that idea. While the ending of Rises lends itself to some imaginative ponderings, fact of the matter is, there’s no reason to believe that John Blake would be a successful Batman. Even though they share some historical family issues, (ie–dead parents), Bruce Wayne was trained extensively in hand to hand combat, had willing and very capable accomplices, and his one super-power was his insurmountable will. Blake had what? A few pointed conversations with Bruce/Batman?

    Just because John Blake has access to a few guarded secrets, and a Bat-suit, doesn’t make him Batman. I think that’s always been the problem in the comics when someone else takes up the cowl, and he’s not accepted by the fans, (with the possible exception of Dick Grayson). There is and should be only one guy in the Batsuit, and that’s Bruce Wayne.

  • Stock

    Besides, I think this JL film will probably be more fantastical a la Avengers than what Nolan created in his trilogy. So this is probably a non-starter. Bruce/Batman may be there, and his character will be recognizable as the Everyman Superhero, but he’ll likely be in a space-ship.

  • http://adampedrone.daportfolio.com Adam

    This is quite possibly the worst idea of all time. I can’t imagine JGL actually signing on for something like this.

  • http://gravatar.com/ronbeekiii Ron III

    better not. love blake, but i’m happier imagining his adventures as opposed to seeing them…

  • Lee

    Well, for me, the Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent is one of the most important aspects of Justice League.

    Having another Batman just doesn’t seem to fit for me personally.

    Maybe he is up for the role of Bruce in a reboot kinda way, but for now I’m saying this is rumour only.

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