JL Villain Possibly Revealed


Latino Review reports that according to its sources, Darkseid is set to be the lead antagonist in Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming “Justice League” movie. Take this as a rumor for now, but also keep in mind LR has an excellent track record in reporting superhero cinema news, as it was the first site to report Heath Ledger would play The Joker in the “Batman Begins” sequel we would later come to know as “The Dark Knight.”

Before blasting WB for “copying” Marvel for the latter’s plans to use Thanos in its “Avengers” sequel, remember that this particular “Justice League” picture was already in development before Marvel’s box office juggernaut teased its future villain. Still, even if this is a coincidence, it is an unfortunate one for WB. “Justice League” is currently set to follow “The Avengers 2″ sometime in the summer of 2015, which makes the presence of a similar villain on top of a similar concept all the more difficult of a publicity obstacle to overcome.

Mainstream audiences will not know or care that WB may have decided on Darkseid as the villain for “Justice League” before “The Avengers” was released. The studio has to take this into account, so if LR’s report is true, it will be interesting to see if WB sticks with Darkseid and does so with or without making any changes to address the character’s similarities to Thanos.

  • http://none Adrian Edmondson

    I like this a lot

  • http://twitter.com/GuestEvans Joseph Guest Evans (@GuestEvans)

    Let’s just set aside what is in WB’s best interests for a moment. Who is really a better villain for the Justice League to fight? Ignoring the rest of the world around us, and the presumed opinions of presumed mainstream moviegoers… of course Darkseid is an awesome choice!

    If they make a good movie, who cares about every other factor?

  • Jared Lidgerwood

    I’d watch that. I’d love some good fight scenes with Darkseid giving everyone a pounding- and when Superman fights Darkseid he can’t hold anything back. He needs to give it everything he has.

  • Stock

    Correct me if I’m wrong, fellas, but wasn’t Thanos created by Jim Starlin to be Marvel’s version of Darkseid? As a villain for Captain Mar-vell, I believe. Still, WB comes in second because only nerds like us would ever know or care about such an obscure fact.