MMM Podcast, Episode 104: Under Construction- The DC Cinematic Universe


It’s the topic that just will not go away anytime soon. The conclusion of “The Dark Knight Trilogy” has left a void in DC-on-film while the undeniable success of “The Avengers” has made “Justice League” a natural choice for Warner Bros. to fill that gap. As of now, “JL” is headed our way in 2015 with on “Man of Steel” preceding it as the potential first step in a DC cinematic universe that WB can only dream will rival Marvel’s. Is the rapid response of a “Justice League” movie the best approach, or should WB learn from and apply Marvel’s successful formula for inter-franchise continuity? The Gentlemen play architect in this week’s show, as we look at the merits of each approach (and a combination of the two) in hopes of finally seeing more DC characters on film who do not wear a cowl, or sport a big red “S.”

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