MMM Podcast, Episode 106: ‘Batman Begins’ Commentary


Ask and you shall receive! For the first time ever, theĀ Modern Myth Media Podcast offers a commentary track for a beloved superhero film. Appropriately enough, we start this new venture with “Batman Begins,” the first chapter in director Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Legend.” The Gentlemen have synchronized their Blu-ray players and are ready to press PLAY. Follow along as we examine this remarkable Batman origin story scene-by-scene while sharing our favorite memories of what it was like to see it for the first time in 2005.

Download the show HERE.

‘Man of Steel’ Lands Empire Cover


The latest issue of Empire focuses on this year’s superhero cinema with the greatest superhero of all leading the way. Fans in the UK can pick up this sweet cover on Thursday while those in the U.S. will need to wait a few weeks. If you, like me, don’t have that kind of patience, you can download the issue via Empire’s iPad app.