‘Iron Man 3’ Poster and Game Day Teaser

Iron Man 3 Poster- Falling

Marvel has released a new one sheet and a “Big Game Spot” teaser for “Iron Man 3” via the film’s Facebook page. The inarguably awesome poster suggests a major fall for Tony Stark. Perhaps we’ll see this shortly before the lonely walk in the snow we see Tony taking in the trailer. The 14-second preview of the 30-second TV spot does not offer much in terms of new footage, but it visually confirms the already-known identity of Iron Patriot.

Iron Man 3 Poster- Falling

  • Michael Lalaian

    I really am getting sick of these “teaser for the teasers.” I’m with Josh that the fans shouldn’t take it. But we do.

  • Naes

    Oh Tony, you’re so silly. That’s not how you fly! You’re doing it wrong!

  • “Teasers to Trailers” are F’n stupid.