JJ Abrams to Direct ‘Star Wars’


In a HUGE coups for Disney, the studio has lured JJ Abrams away from Paramount’s “Star Trek” franchise and signed him to direct “Star Wars: Episode VII,” according to The Wrap. Jedi fans will be thrilled to let the anger flow through Starfleet followers as each side prepares to debate this move at conventions for years to come.

  • pud333

    I’m just glad it’s not Snyder. Haha.

  • Good, Abrams made a pretty movie with Trek however it was really a Star Wars film in the guise of a trek film, rather than a good trek film. Abrams was always more suited for Star Wars and frankly I say he’s the ideal choice I am happy that Abrams is leaving since now it leaves room for a good director who’s a true trek fan to to take the realms and craft a real trek film.

  • Agree with Dr.H even though I liked 2009’s Trek and I look forward to Into Darkness (although it’s going to be a cold, unpleasant marketing season for that film now that JJ has changed allegiances).

    It’s annoying how many fans seem to think JJ’s going to be working on BOTH Trek and Wars. No WAY is that ever going to happen. A deal with Disney means bye-bye Paramount and vice versa.

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  • Sean

    As long as we get the Jar Jar Binks origin story we’ve all been demanding. Mesa soooo excited! [Crickets chirp]. [Tumbleweed].[Disapproving glares]. Um… I’ll just leave now.

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  • Stock

    How to beat 2 dead horses into mere acceptableness.

  • Vito Catanzaro

    I love BOTH franchises and even though I grew up more of a STAR WARS fan, I consider myself more of a TREKKIE now that I am older. So, I am disappointed that I won’t get to see J.J. direct a third TREK movie, but I am very excited to see him bring back that charm and sense of adventure that was lost in the prequels. Therefore, bravo Disney! I hope that Paramount can bring a great, TREK loving director for part 3!

  • Nolan for Star Trek

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  • Michael Lalaian

    I can’t wait to hear from Chris about this… “Lay off my Trek!”