‘Man of Steel’ Lands Empire Cover


The latest issue of Empire focuses on this year’s superhero cinema with the greatest superhero of all leading the way. Fans in the UK can pick up this sweet cover on Thursday while those in the U.S. will need to wait a few weeks. If you, like me, don’t have that kind of patience, you can download the issue via Empire’s iPad app.


  • What’s that lump on the back of his right arm? An extra Kryptonians-only muscle? My arm doesn’t have that.

    He does look super-ripped!

    • Stock

      Its called a tricep, and if you have no other job than to get ripped out for the role of Superman, you too can get one for your Empire magazine photo shoot. Don’t worry if its not that impressive, we have the technology. We can build it.

      • Yeah, I see the tricep, but there’s like a micro-tricep on TOP of the tricep! Check it out, look close, it’s there, he’s got one.

      • Stock

        Oh I see it. l still think its tricep as you have three muscle masses. One, just under the front deltoid muscle and above the bicep, and the other two (one on top of the other) on the back of the arm. If you extend your arm and tense up (and are relatively fit) you can feel those 2 little bumps. What your seeing is the more prominent of those two bumps.

        And dude, he’s not even flexing. The MF got a Clydesdale horseshoe going on the back of his arm so you know this guy has been lifting his ass off for many moons to get that S on his chest. I’m jealous, but I’m not that motivated anymore. It is impressive, no doubt about it.

  • Naes

    Oh boy. So many questions. Why does Superman wear some sort of Kryptonian armor if he’s practically invincible? Is it necessary that the “S” on his chest also happens to be a family crest or whatever? Do writers really need to over-complicate the letter “S”… why can’t the “S” just stand for Superman? “I’m a man but with superpowers… I’ll call myself Superman!” Why is the costume color so muted? It’s the same color as the “evil Superman” from Superman 3. Isn’t the point to look bright and colorful so you don’t scare people as opposed to Batman who banks on fear? Is Supes going to brood a lot because it’s lonely being so awesome and having a stable childhood with adopted parents? So Red Trunks are out but weird plastic lines on the ribs and down the legs with rubber sleeves are okay? Why is there a belt buckle if there’s no belt? Surely the Kryptonians knew what a belt was used for. This over-designed mess makes me appreciate the charming simplicity of the classic design. All that said, It still looks better than the New 52 version which is sometimes drawn like segmented metal armor. Finally, who wants to wager on the “surprise cameo” at the end of the movie? “Mr. Luthor, we’ve discovered a new element from a meteor; we call it kryptonite!” Gasp! OR “You’ve made a big splash Superman. Just call me Batman.” Ugh.

    • Stock

      And I thought I was jaded. May I stand with all other fans who pray to God that your ending scenario is not even close to what they give us.

      • Naes

        Superman returns home with a small, old imp waiting for him: “Just call me Mr. Mxyzptlk!” Roll Credits!

      • Stock

        Now that I gotta see!

  • Paul McClelland

    Looks amazing. Cavill looks to have just the right amount of muscle on him to look great in the suit. Love the design as well. This movie is going to be fantastic. Does anyone know why in some pictures the yellow colour of the S background looks blue but it’s definitely yellow in other shots?

  • Concerning the question about Kryptonian armor, isn’t it true that Kal-El on Krypton would just be a regular guy, whereas on Earth he has the superpowers? If so, he’d need Kryptonian armor for combat on Krypton. Wearing it on Earth could be just for added protection, or maybe even a reminder of where he comes from. Which sounds awesome to me – there’s story potential with that.