MMM Podcast, Episode 105: Under the Knife- The Avengers in Phase 2

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Director and Marvel creative consultant Joss Whedon has given some details on “The Avengers 2″ and where he’s looking to take the world famous superhero team. The Gentlemen examine these possibilities and what we can expect from the “S.H.I.E.L.D.” TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will star a not-so-dead Agent Phil Coulson. We also look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” and Christopher Nolan’s potential next project, “Interstellar.”

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  • jerry kowalski

    Always been a Whedon fan since the Buffy/Angel days and have stood behind him since, would luv to see CIVIL WAR in the Marvel universe on film, luv that mini…his luv of comics is greatly appreciated, and I have complete faith in him..

  • darrenjs87

    I’m starting to think Coulson did die- but Asgard resurrected him as a reward for helping Thor and/or shooting Loki.

  • Michael Lalaian

    As interesting as it would be to see a Civil War film, I don’t think the concept works in the film universe, for two specific reasons.

    First, the whole basis of Civil War was the heroes giving up their secret identities and registering with SHIELD. As it stands, every hero right now is associated with SHIELD in some respect except maybe Thor, but even with him, SHIELD knows who he is. There is nothing to register about.

    Secondly, for an all out superhero war you’d need more than a handful of characters, and while they may populate the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the next several films and SHIELD TV show, I don’t know if it will ever be to the extent you’d really need for something like that.

    That’s not to say there couldn’t be a different reason for heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to go up against one another, but it wouldn’t be Civil War.

  • T.J.

    Faking Coulson’s death is a total Nick Fury move. At some point, to be true to the character, you’ve got to do something to cause the Avengers to mistrust Fury. Faking Coulson’s death? That’d do it.

  • Stock

    I’d like to see the Avengers 2nd flick build toward Thanos as the main villain in a 3rd flick, (as in present in A2, but not out front)if they can do it quicker than 5 years. I was not a comic collector during Civil War so can’t say whether that would be good or bad, but it seems from its description almost too political to be very entertaining, and I hate political allegory in comics. I mean Cap fits in WWII, but what is he to become here? An unwitting fascist tool of the Govt? Dark Phoenix-Dark Cap-Dark Iron Man-Dark Coulson. Just guessing, but that sounds awful for a movie.

    Coulson was stabbed through the chest with a huge Asgardian blade (if I remember right). There are some pretty significant vital organs in the chest area if I paid any attention in anatomy class. I was surprised he lived as long as he did, although I cheered like everyone else his final shot at Loki. I don’t see that as all that open to interpretation. I know its comics. I know its fantasy. But for fantasy to mean anything at all, the characters need to have real consequences, and a battle for life and death, should mean LIFE and DEATH!.Otherwise, its all BS. And BS for the sake of BS, doesn’t mean anything. All Fury did was exaggerate a fact. That’s manipulation, but it isn’t God-like manipulation. Coulson was still dead. I like Coulson, I like Gregg. But I don’t like this idea.