MMM Podcast, Episode 106: ‘Batman Begins’ Commentary


Ask and you shall receive! For the first time ever, the Modern Myth Media Podcast offers a commentary track for a beloved superhero film. Appropriately enough, we start this new venture with “Batman Begins,” the first chapter in director Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Legend.” The Gentlemen have synchronized their Blu-ray players and are ready to press PLAY. Follow along as we examine this remarkable Batman origin story scene-by-scene while sharing our favorite memories of what it was like to see it for the first time in 2005.

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  • Stock

    Good podcast. BB is arguably the best in the series, though my heart belongs to Mr. J. I think its without a doubt the best origin story, and although it does have some plot holes that cannot be explained away with—he’s Batman–(I mean I actually have these little issues with all of Nolan’s movies, as good as they generally are)–they do not take away the absolute joy I felt as I watched my childhood hero come to life as I actually wanted him to be.

    And I completely agree with the guy frustrated by Gordon sounding surprised with the identity of Batman at the end of Rises. He should have said it like he knew it. As if it only reaffirmed a suspicion. He may not have pursued it, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have known it. Otherwise, Gordon just isn’t that good at his job. Bruce WAYNE?!!

    But there are all sorts of quibbles we could bring up. Still doesn’t make the trilogy anything less than the greatest Batman films that will ever be.

    So bring on the JL. Bring on the cheese. The mountain has been climbed. The summit has been reached.

    • Ben A. Hunt (@BenAveryHunt)

      Gordon never cared who batman was though so it’s irrelevant, and JL BETTER NOT BE CHEESE.

      • Stock

        Only in a fantasy world would a commissioner of police, charged with finding and arresting a vigilante known as the Batman, not care who that man really was, if only so he could help protect this vigilante and his identity through misdirection. Gordon never cared? Don’t think that’s really possible. He cared. He knew. Its very relevant to the character, IMO.

      • Stock

        Otherwise he strides very close to the old Batman TV show where Gordon would call Wayne Manor and the Batcave, and Alfred answered both phones. AND HE STILL NEVER FIGURED IT OUT! Now that is really not caring.

  • Ben

    This is awesome, please do commentary on the rest of the trilogy!!

  • Ben A. Hunt (@BenAveryHunt)

    This is awesome, please do commentary on the rest of the trilogy!!

  • Kevin Eurich

    Thank you! Thank you!

  • Ron III

    Will listen and watch as soon as I catch a break in my schedule. Thanks guys!

  • Robie

    BB was like Bat-porn for me. It took every thing I ever wanted to see in a Batman movie and upped it. What followed was just icing on the cake for me. BB will always be my favorite. It is next to Batman 89 as one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I’ve ever had in a theater.
    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

  • Kevin

    Yes, I loved it and can’t wait to listen to commentaries for TDK and TDKR! I go between BB and TDK for my favorite but TDKR is not far behind

  • Ben A. Hunt (@BenAveryHunt)

    I liked what you guys said about how the action scenes were filmed in this one, with the quick shots. I kinda wish that TDKR was filmed like Begins as far as the action scenes go.

  • http://none Adrian Edmondson


    This movie does always get the credit it truly deserves. Sure it didn’t make a billion dollars , but we don’t get the Dark Knight or Rises without this gem .

  • Michael Lalaian

    I think the commentary odea worked out great! Personally I’d like to see commentaries replace “roundtables” for films that have slready come to home video. For example, a Batman Begins roundtable would seem redundant now.

    Any chance of getting commentaries for the X-Men films befote The Wolverine and Days of Future Past come out? Particularly the first two.

    • Sean Gerber

      As soon as we finished recording, I also said we should use commentaries in place of roundtables for films already available on Blu-ray, so that’s probably what we will do.

      I haven’t decided on the order in which we will record commentaries after TDK and TDKR, but the first X-Men film is a top contender.

  • kerrer

    Yes, please continue to do the commentaries on movies. Although I do like the roundtable format, so you guys can talk about certain ideas and topics at greater length without losing pace with where you are in watching the movie. I listened to this one in the car and while sitting in a coffeeshop noodling on various projects, so I’ll watch it soon along with BEGINS at home. But I liked it quite a bit, so more would be great!

  • Andrew Custer

    Save for a couple of bits of dead air, which were saved fairly quickly, this commentary turned out great. I like everything from the deeper examination of the film (Bruce in the well holding more meaning now) to extra themes and motifs I had never thought of (Brad mentioning the relationship to the blue flower and Selina Kyle).

    I definitely think commentaries can replace roundtables in terms of movies that are already out, but I definitely hope newly released movies in the cinema continue to get the roundtable treatment. It would still be neat to get roundtables for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight despite the commentaries. Simply for the fact that you all can delve deeper into a specific line of thought without being constrained by the movie chugging along.

    Keep up the great work guys!

    ps – More Chris as the falafel guy and more of John doing Nick Cage as Batman.

  • Darren James Seeley

    You guys did a good job. It was interesting to put in my disc and….well ‘sort of’ hear a commentary. (maybe one day, Jett will be to Batfilms like Bey Logan is to Dragon Dynasty, haha) but there was one thing you guys said that got my attention.

    “The Narrows didn’t appear in the other two (Nolan) films”

    Are you *absolutely* sure about that?
    As I was watching again, I noticed something that I never noticed before and I seen Batman Begins a zillion times. It’s when in the flashback, just before Rachael drives Bruce down to the Narrows and parks outside of Falcone’s hangout.. Take a look at the sky. Then the go to the Narrows where it’s kind of “underground” and dark.

    Now we get to ‘Rises’ where Batman gives pursuit to Bane’s LoS henchmen just after the stock exchange holdup. I always thought it was a passage of time but where in “movie time” hours seem like minutes and that the sky was going dark…maybe some rain…but one “complaint” or “error” a few have with Rises (not me) is the sudden transition from day to night during a chase scene.

    Now I’m wondering if Bane’s henchmen attempted to escape the police and/or Batman by heading into the Narrows section. I’m probably still right about the time thing…

    But if some folks forget that Bruce Wayne can get by without too many resources to go from place to place, is it possible that they forgot about the Narrows area and its low light source?

    I’m curious as to what you guys think.

  • Dean245

    Fantastic work guys, you’ve got to do TDK and soon :)

  • Mike

    Great job guys. Really enjoyed the commentary. Definitely need to do one for the other two films.

  • Rock

    Great work guys. When can we expect TDK & TDKR.