New ‘Man of Steel’ Image


USA Today unveiled the above image as part of its “13 Movies for 2013” feature. We’ve seen Superman in handcuffs being escorted by military personnel. Perhaps this image is from a preceding scene in which the Last Son of Krypton surrenders himself.

  • Yeah, Nic Cage in “SUPERMAN REBORN” is MUCH better casting! 😉

    • Love the sarcasm Bill 😉 I can’t even imagine what state Superman on film would be in had Superman Lives actually been made.

      I’m loving the new pic if Cavill everytime I see him it’s like he walked straight out of the comic book.

  • Lee

    He just was born to play Superman.

  • Lee

    Is the ‘S’ missing the yellow?

  • Adam

    When are we going to get some action shots from this movie to bandage my wounds from Superman Returns?

  • Such restraint in his face or is it pain ? He could easily turn around and blow everyone away with his super breath , but he doesn’t . This is the price he much pay for revealing himself to the world essentially . Should have listened to Pa Kent ….

  • Stock

    I guess if you just put a guy with dark hair in a suit and cape with an S on it, he’s Superman. Frankly, I’m just not getting this. What’s with all the brooding? And what’s with the military response? This isn’t The Hulk, ya know. He does habla englese, si?

    • I think the military response is perfectly appropriate. Superman is not realistic, but if the goal is to make the world around him much more real, then you have to consider how our modern society would respond to the arrival of a being with Superman’s power level. There’s no doubt in my mind that our military would be called in to at least be present in the event that this being became a threat.

      • Well said Sean, the government would never trust Superman.

      • Stock

        Perhaps, but wouldn’t Superman’s first appearance, (providing that’s what this is) be in a situation where he used his powers to aid and assist a problem of such magnitude that those kind of super-powers were necessary? And wouldn’t that, (if that’s what this is) put him squarely in the realm of friend, not foe?

        I don’t know. It just seems like they are attempting to make Superman ambiguous. In effect, taking the Kansas farm-boy out of him, the positive, hopeful guy, and turning him into something he’s not. Essentially, Batman with super-powers.

      • Stock

        Well, I think he’s trying to help. But I’ve been wrong before…