Warner Bros. Takes Five for JUSTICE LEAGUE


Latino Review reports Warner Bros. has settled on a team lineup for its director-less “Justice League” movie. The five-hero team will feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern. Additional characters like Aquaman and Martian Manhunter may still score cameos, but the film will focus on the aforementioned five members.

If the plan in Burbank is still to launch JL in 2015 without the benefit of a series of solo films, having a smaller team will help. This logic won’t appease fans, but it’s important to keep in mind that when a director comes in, creative changes can happen. Those changes could still include additions to or subtraction from the roster. Stay tuned.

  • Alex B.

    This does seem to make sense. A 5 member team is a bit easier to manage, especially for the first film. Those are the 5 members people care most about anyway. I’d love to see Martian Manhunter, but I can understand his absence. I would just hope to see him at some point… assuming they can get more than one movie out of Justice League.

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  • Stock

    Good line-up. Hopefully, they’ll make the right choice for the Bat. And I do hope MOS is a good lead-in. WW is my only reservation because she’s the hardest for me to buy as a character, and always has been. I know how sexist that is.
    Great eye-candy, (like the outfit!) but the origin is just a little too much. I’m sure they’ll do their best to make it work, but it could throw this whole scenario into corny really quick if they don’t do it right.