GOTG: Jason Momoa in Line for Drax


Latino Review is back at it, now reporting that Jason Momoa (“Conan,” “Game of Thrones”) is in negotiations to play Drax The Destroyer in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Momoa recently had a very successful screen test that put him ahead of his competition, which included former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista. With all due respect to the former WWE Champion, it is preferable that an actual actor land this role.


  • Michael Lalaian

    I have to say that the Conan reboot was pretty terrible, but Mamoa did stand out as at least being likable. I wouldn’t mind if he got the role, I’m actually more worried about how they were translate his look. For the color, I assume they’ll do something similar to the Orion girl in Star Trek 2009 (in the deleted scenes they reveal she was painted green, but then the color was made more vibrant in post). I hope that since James Gunn’s hiring they’re tweaked the design a bit… I’m not feeling the whole Fankenstein’s monster look in the concept art, I’d prefer the red swirling tattoos like in the comics.

  • Stock

    Wonder if we’ll see some hottie go all Persis Khambata as Moondragon? What an outfit!

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