Han to Fly Solo & Boba Fett on the Hunt in ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs


It was only yesterday we learned Disney is going to make standalone films in addition to the new “Star Wars” trilogy. Now, Entertainment Weekly reports the first two characters receiving spin-offs are Han Solo and his favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. The Han Solo film is believed to be an origin story that would require a new, young actor to step into Harrison Ford’s very big, very iconic shoes. Boba Fett, save for his very young introduction in “Episode II,” has always worn a helmet, so casting is a little easier for that film.

If this news pans out, Disney has made the right choices. Han Solo is a character that would have a much easier time carrying a film than Yoda. Han Solo is very much the action movie hero mainstream audiences fall in love with over and over again. Casting will be difficult, but a young actor like Liam Hemsworth could become Han for a new generation of fans.

Boba Fett is a character whose fame has far outgrown the screen time he was given in the original trilogy. A full examination of his character may have difficulty living up to decades of hype, but the intrigue surrounding him will sell plenty of tickets. Even the fans who may be outraged by this news will pay to see it.

  • Brad

    Seems like we have a disagreement here. I dont think these sound like good choices at all.
    Han makes sense on paper because he has an interesting backstory that is hinted at in the movies, but I think it is the type of backstory that is best left as hinted at in order to serve the original trilogy, rather than fleshing it out and ultimatly diminishing the character. When it comes to stand alone Star Wars films nobody is asking for a Han Solo origin film.

    And Boba Fett makes no sense. He is a nothing character that has somehow become a fan favourite due to its perception of adding some geek-cred to their Star Wars fan status.

    These stand alone films are a tricky proposition, but neither of these ideas interest me at all.

  • Eric

    I agree full heartily with your stance on a booba fett movie but sorry I disagree with your thought on a Han solo film. Han solo is by far one of the top characters in the star wars universe. Lots and lots of fans have been begging for a Han solo movie ( if not trilogy of his own, including chewebacca with him.)

  • Charlie

    Seems like a rather “safe” choice to go with these characters and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Instead of maybe trying to introduce or create new characters they’re just recycling old ones and relying on the public’s familiarity with them. Considering episodes 7-9 will supposedly follow the exploits of the Skywalkers/Solos/their offspring it just seems a bit redundant and unoriginal not to do something different with these other solo films. Not that I’ve read any of the other novels or comics or whatever else, but from my understanding there’s a whole lot more to the world of Star Wars then just Han, Luke and Leia and the other characters from those films.

  • I think Young Han Solo films, where we’ll doubtless learn that he’s always had a heart of gold, are awful ideas. Even worse than Greedo shooting first. Just leave Han Solo be Harrison Ford with a mysterious, disreputable past, who’s first known act of selfless heroism is the climax of Star Wars, and you’re well ahead.

    And we’ve seen all the action hero Yoda we ever need to see. The wise philosophical mentor on Dagobah is the Yoda people like.

    Boba Fett is not a character I’ll get worked up about one way or another. You open a Boba Fett film with him rocketing out of the Saarlac pit on Tatooine and you’re exploring new territory. A prequel that ends with him taking up the contract on Han Solo is the same sort of incestuous B.S. that’s one of the big problems with the prequel trilogy.

    There’s a whole galaxy to play around with and if the only ideas are to milk preexisting characters dry and make the universe even smaller, then I’m already tired of the next iteration of Star Wars.

  • Naes

    Here’s a humble idea: how about they focus on making one good Star Wars movie with Abrams first before they flood the market with MORE F—-ing PREQUELS? Prequels cannot be done well by anyone because we already know how everything will turn out. There is absolutely no dramatic tension when you already know what the ending point is going to be. Is Han in any risk of dying in his prequel? Of course not; he has to eventually meet Luke in Mos Eisley. Could Boba Fett die on one of his early missions? Of course not; he needs to appear in the Star Wars Holiday Special. Boba doesn’t die until he comically falls into the Saarlac Pit in ROTJ… and yes he does die in the Saarlac. I don’t care about a novelization where he escapes for plot contrivance’s sake. Do we really need to see Han winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando when we already know he’s going to win the damn ship? Why stop with Han, Boba, and Yoda? How about a Jar Jar prequel where we learn where Jar Jar got to be so funny? How about a Watto spinoff where we visit his home-planet full of other antisemitic stereotypes? How about a Jake Llyod spinoff where he is remorselessly mocked in high school for his bad acting Episode 1? How about a Chewbaaca prequel where it is revealed that Chewie actually knew Yoda during the Clone Wars?… no wait that would be too stupid to put in a film. Didn’t the last 3 godawful Star Wars movies teach fanboys anything? Of course not. Just give us enough nerdgasms, and we won’t care when Yoda is fighting an 80-yr old Christopher Lee with a lightsaber or when Anakin builds C3P0. Still, I think my midichlorines are warning me to steer clear of these spinoff movies.

  • Stock

    Whaddaya know? There’s a heart beat here. Couldn’t agree more with any of these grouches.

  • Stock

    Boba Fett?!!! Boba Fett?!!!

  • Mark-El

    If Han Solo films are to go ahead, they should be set after Return of the Jedi and star someone mature and with charisma. My choice would be Timothy Olliphant from Justified. There is no need for young Han Solo films. Just look at the Young Indiana Jones tv films/series. On that note, if they must do it – then do it as a TV series. Disney and ABC are doing Avengers and Shield respectively so a related inter-connected TV and Film franchise in the same universe just might work.