It was only yesterday we learned Disney is going to make standalone films in addition to the new “Star Wars” trilogy. Now, Entertainment Weekly reports the first two characters receiving spin-offs are Han Solo and his favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. The Han Solo film is believed to be an origin story that would require a new, young actor to step into Harrison Ford’s very big, very iconic shoes. Boba Fett, save for his very young introduction in “Episode II,” has always worn a helmet, so casting is a little easier for that film.

If this news pans out, Disney has made the right choices. Han Solo is a character that would have a much easier time carrying a film than Yoda. Han Solo is very much the action movie hero mainstream audiences fall in love with over and over again. Casting will be difficult, but a young actor like Liam Hemsworth could become Han for a new generation of fans.

Boba Fett is a character whose fame has far outgrown the screen time he was given in the original trilogy. A full examination of his character may have difficulty living up to decades of hype, but the intrigue surrounding him will sell plenty of tickets. Even the fans who may be outraged by this news will pay to see it.