Spidey’s New Old Look


ComingSoon.net has exclusively revealed Spider-Man’s new suit from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” This time out, the wall crawler is sporting a much more traditional look, reminiscent of his comic book aesthetic and the suits worn in the original “Spider-Man” trilogy. Spidey’s last suit was pretty thrashed in the first film, so at least there’s a valid reason for new threads besides action figures.


  • Michael Lalaian

    Definitely a step in the right direction. Now I just want to see the rest of it to make sure there are no silver booties.

  • Naes

    M’kay. Looks fine. But I’d still love to know how Peter Parker got his hands on a movie-quality superhero suit. In addition to being a radical skateboarder, science genius, inventor, photographer, superhero high school student, is he also a seamstress? I could accept it in the lighter Raimi films but isn’t the ASM trilogy (of course it’s a trilogy now… because everything has to be a trilogy) supposed to be “more realistic”, “more grounded” and all those other things directors always say since Nolan actually did those things?… as if fighting a giant lizard man to prevent him from turning the city into giant lizard monsters could ever be anything other than campy schlock.

  • http://twitter.com/BenAveryHunt Ben A. Hunt (@BenAveryHunt)

    I really liked Spideys new look in TAMS a lot more than in Raimis original trilogy. It was more authentic, in a sense. I hope they still incorporate some of that in this new suite so it’s not the same as in the original trilogy.

  • Casey

    This news made my day. I strongly disliked the suit from the first movie. This is a huge step in the right direction as far as aesthetics go.

  • http://twitter.com/TrueMiracle85 Javier Vargas (@TrueMiracle85)

    I have to say, I’m not feeling this new suit at all. Like Ben mentioned, I’m a big fan of the Spidey suit from TASM and loved how they showed Peter actually build on it from the ground up. This new suit looks very “theme parky” if you will. I think part of it is the shades of red and blue they chose. They’re pretty much the same as from the Raimi films, which is fine, but I really thought the red and blue colors they used in TASM were a great improvement. I hope there’s at least a very plausible reason in the story as to how and why Peter gets his hands on this new professionally tailored suit. I will say that I do like the shape of the eyes.

  • Charlie

    This new suit looks fine, but there really was nothing wrong with the other costume.

  • mic

    I just wasn’t too into the yellow eyes, not that it was a terrible issue. but I’m liking this suit