Is Nolan Back & Bringing Bale with him for JUSTICE LEAGUE?


Remember all that talk about Christopher Nolan ending his Batman story with “The Dark Knight Rises” last summer? Well, it seems as though Warner Bros. and even Christopher Nolan himself forgot all about it. Latino Review reports that Warner Bros. is moving forward with “Justice League” with a David Goyer script taking the place of Will Beall’s discarded work. “Man of Steel” helmer Zack Snyder is attached to direct. All of that makes sense.

What’s surprising is that Christopher Nolan, the man who’s publicly expressed his distaste for crossovers on multiple occasions, is in talks to produce and become the “Godfather” of DC on film that he previously had no interest in being. But that’s a stocking stuffer compared to the massive revelation that Warner Bros., with Nolan’s participation and consent, is reopening its “The Dark Knight Trilogy” sandbox by bringing back Christian Bale to play Batman. Bruce Wayne is coming out of retirement for the team up picture alongside Henry Cavill as Superman, and perhaps even more heroes. It is unclear at this time if the first team up will be “World’s Finest” or full blown “Justice League.”

For those keeping score at home, Bale reprising the role of Batman places “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” which is known for being grounded in realism, in direct continuity with this summer’s “Man of Steel” and eventually “Justice League.” This is huge news that is sure to be met with intense emotional reactions spanning from elation to blinding rage.

LR has an outstanding track record on scoops like these. With that said, we’ll treat this as a reliable rumor and it will be interesting to see if, when, and how Warner Bros. and Nolan confirm this.

We will have MUCH more to say about this in the near future.

  • heyberto

    Please tell me this is an accidental early release of an April Fool’s Day post?

    Actually, the only parts I don’t like are continuing the continuity of the TDK trilogy and Bale coming back. Perhaps Bale coming back would be ok. Don’t ask don’t tell. Goyer and Nolan in these roles are just fine with me. Not sure about Snyder yet.

  • Stephan

    Redonkuluosly kewl…believe when I see it….ie; whenever DC gets it’s head out its arse re;Bats/Supes via live/act small/big screen…..World’s Finest GD!

  • Glenn Doren

    Having Bale’s Batman come out of retirement for an unexpected 4th film, given an epic enough threat, was my hope since TDKR came out. If they can deliver a script that makes it work with Superman, this would be the no-brainer best answer Warner could come back with to fight the Avengers. And as much as I enjoyed TDKR, it STILL left me a bit disappointed that we never quite had another great “Batman in his prime” film after TDK. This new JL concept could help rectify that. This rumor was the first to truly make me feel EXCITED about a JL. I think the only better news could have been the unexpected (tho, really, it shouldn’t be unexpected, since money talks) announcement of Bale and Nolan coming back to give us a 4th DK film that delivers the kick-ass Batman-in-top-form movie many of us wanted after TDKR.

    • Glenn Doren

      Or to clarify: …that delivers the kick-ass Batman-in-top-form movie many of us wanted after TDK, and hoped TDKR would be… while very cool that Nolan was able to deliver a “complete” Dark Knight story, I think it’s safe to say many people had hoped it wouldn’t end with Batman taking 8 years off, pulling a Rocky III, and then retiring for good. Having him come back for a “greater good” and a truly epic threat would raise the stakes, and also allow Warner to leverage a massive opportunity with Bale and Nolan coming off of their insanely huge success with these 3 films.

  • pud333

    My immediate reactions:

    1) Um… WUT?!?!
    2) Yeah… Right.
    3) No…nonononono… I like TDK trilogy as it was! Bruce was happy!
    4) DC messed up JL so much, and the only thing I trust when it comes to their decision making is their belief in Nolan. If Nolan will be the Godfather of the DC Universe, so be it. I believe, in Christopher Nolan.

    • pud333

      Man, upon further reflection, I really really really hope this is true. I know Nolan said he didn’t want to do more Batman films or do any more DC stuff, but I wouldn’t be surprised if WB offerred Nolan a deal he couldn’t refuse.

      1) It’s a huge challenge.
      2) WB probably backed up the money truck to Nolan’s front door.
      3) Maybe Nolan worked out something where if he did produce and oversee the DC universe on film, he got a virtual blank cheque on his future projects. If the next films grossed X amount of dollars, he could do pretty much anything he wanted. For a director as creative as Nolan, maybe that’s worth more than any amount of money. Imagine being able to do whatever you wanted creatively? You gotta wager there are only a handful of directors that have that sort of carte blanche.

  • 90xchild

    I like the idea and I cant wait for this geekgasm

  • justin

    are you going to do a dark knight rises commentary since you did the first two of the nolan trilogy

    • Sean Gerber

      Yes! In a couple weeks!

  • Matthew Jarrett

    I love the idea of Nolan being the Godfather of a Justice league movie, as well as Goyer doing the story. As good as man of steel looks from what I have seen so far, I’ll take Snyder too. A combo of all these guys could make one heck of a Justice League. I’m betting Man of Steel is going to blow us all away. If you can surround yourself with great people you can do great things, right?

    Bale is my favorite Batman, if they can make it work, bring him back. Nolan is just the guy to bring him back.

    Besides which would be harder to pull off, bringing bale back as Batman, or trying to bring in a believable 12 year old robin in a Batman Reboot. Or what if Bale is the Batman of a Justice League Movie is of another dimension like an alternate earth, Like The Dark Knight Trilogy being it’s own alternate universe and Justice League being it’s own alternate universe. Think about it!

  • schen

    I just thought of something, this new film could take place between Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. There is a 10 year gap and who says that Bruce didn’t put on the cowl and fight along side Superman. Plus, it wouldn’t mess with the continuity.

    • Michael Lalaian

      Chris Nolan said it. “Last confirmed sighting” was the night Dent died. So the possibility of him fighting along side Superman isn’t really likely. Plus, he would have mentioned /something/ in TDKR if that’s the case. I’d rather they don’t go back in time and try to fit bits of the DCU in between the Nolan Batman movies. Just go forward, there’s so much that can happen after the ending of TDKR.

      • Gregory Walsh

        I always have a problem with people saying the director said this, or the actor said this. If its not in the movie it does not count. If Nolan wanted that as fact then he should have explicitly said it in the movie. And sense it was not it is not reconning.

      • Michael Lalaian

        I know. Which he did. When I said “Chris Nolan said it” I’m referring to the fact that he made the characters talk about it.


        Yes, last “confirmed” sighting. He simply could have put on the cowl some place else.

  • KillerKali (@RGEEZY)

    Bale is the best batman/bruce wayne ever, why would u NOT want him back? my preference would be Bale and Nolan doing a Nightwing with JGL, with the return of batman in the film. I think a superman/batman team up is a much better idea than the justice league crap

  • Charlie

    Well, we heard that Will Beal’s script had been thrown out the window because it was supposedly awful. However, Will Beal was also recently given a two script deal with WB which I thought was kind of odd if the script for JL was as bad as people said it was. Could it be that the script wasn’t bad, but that WB gave Nolan and Goyer an offer they couldn’t refuse to finally join up for JL and let them use Bale for Batman? Really, when you think about it one of the biggest problems facing JL is introducing the audience to a new Batman after they clearly loved Nolan and Bale’s take on him. They may have finally broken Nolan down with some type of great deal. Very intersting when you think about it, but I’d still take this rumor with a huge grain of salt.

  • Darren James Seeley

    I’m sorry. I don’t buy this for one minute.

  • Sarah

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pud333

    Time to power up that podcast, guys.

  • Brian

    Is there ANY chance that Man of Steel and Justice League take place during the 8 year gap between TDK and TDKR? Alfred never specified HOW LONG it had been since Bruce was in the Batcave he just said it had been “quite a while”…. Thoughts ?

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  • Warheart

    The Dark Knight comes out of retirement…again.

  • Davin

    Honestly, Bale was never a Batman that could really satisfy the roles Batman in the comics did. If he comes back in Justice League, I don’t see it working. Although he was shown to be somewhat obsessed with justice, he has never been the dark menacing introvert of a Batman who could show any strong distaste in the JL or Superman.

  • Naes

    This report from LR seems like nonsense. Sorry. It just does. I’d be up for another Bale/Nolan Batman movie with JGL as a successor in training. Given the fact that TDKR (1.081 billion) made more $ total than TDK (1.04 billion) it would be financially smart. But I want a Batman movie – not a World’s Finest or JLA movie. Batman has a deep enough roster of villains to put out a dozen more “realistic” Nolan-verse movies before you have to rely on crossover gimmicks. This just seems like WB thinking out loud as to how to salvage its JLA disaster which they’ve been trying to produce since 2007.

  • Paul Justice

    If Man of Steel is as based in realism as the Batman Trilogy was, then this could work. The same will have to be done for all remaining DC films. That will keep it fresh and different from Marvel. Problem is how sad it is going to be to not get that Batman from the comics that we all love who can take out the entire Justice League on his own. It won’t be the same DCU we love, but hopefully we can grow to love this one just as well, like we did the Batman movies.

  • timdrakewayne

    Elseworlds tale

    Gotta sell it as that if they’re gonna make it work. Have TDK trilogy as its own closed story, it’s over with. Start Bale fresh as Batman in the world of Cavill’s Superman… The only problem is the general audience is too stupid (sorry but someone’s gotta say it) to comprehend all this info even if there are multiple press releases explaining the situation. Look how many thought Batman Begins was a prequel to 89 back in 2005.

    I’m split equally down the line on this. A part of me wants Bale’s Batman to have gone out with a bang (which imo did for me). BUT, I have that other half that desperately wants a Batman/Superman film with Bale and Cavill.

  • Sean1701

    How great would it be if the end secret scene of “Man of Steel” is Clark hearing about a nuclear bomb about to go off in Gotham. Cut to: Close up of Batman’s face in the cockpit of the Bat, he is at peace as he flies over Gotham Bay. Suddenly, Batman feels turbulence and corrects the Bat. He looks over to see SUPERMAN holding the bomb that was attached to the Bat. Superman throws it lke a ball and it explodes far in the distance. Superman looks over at Batman and gives him a small salute…FADE TO BLACK…

    • Paul Justice

      I think the bomb scene is fine how it is. If the Bat could out fly missles, then he could easily released the bomb those last 5 seconds and sped off out of range, while the blast pushed him further.

      And for everone that hates to see Bruce’s happy ending ruined, we as fans know Bruce never has a happy ending. Something tragic always happens. Plus he needs to be Batman, He thrives on it.

  • Tom Stansfield

    All i can say is, as the biggest Batman fan i know and having a housemate who is the biggest Superman fan i know and the fact that we both work in the British movie industry, we want this to happen so that we can work on it!
    I’m lucky enough to have worked on TDKR so the prospect to work with Batman and Superman blows my mind.
    I want this to happen!
    In Nolan i trust!

  • Stock

    Nolan I can see doing it. Bale, I can’t. Get in the best shape you can if you’re a man without a regular work schedule, but you still get older. You still lose a step or two. And since TDKR is Bale essentially representing the Batman of Miller’s TKDReturns, I’d say he’s going to be a bit too old by the time this flick comes out. I know–movie magic.

    But if Nolan’s version of Bats is supposed to be realism, how then do you put superhuman costumed characters like Supes and WW in and preserve that realism? How does Bale’s Batman fit in that world? The answer is he doesn’t, so I see a new Batman coming, even if Nolan gets a producer credit.

    Which is also why I’d rather see Bats return to the small screen, as cable networks have been getting story-telling much better than their big-screen counterparts for quite some time now. Nolan, leave Bale and your excellent Batman trilogy out of it, please.

  • Jean

    Here is what they could do a little of, Batman was pretty much the first superhero, he inspires others to stand up for what is right and what they believe in after he “gives up his life” to save Gotham city. Clark Kent sees this, or Lois covers it for the Daily Planet and it inspires him to be Superman. You can set this up with a simple 90 second scene in The Man Of Steel, Clark reading the Daily Planet and show the front page, or just a simple little talk with Lois. That would tie all three Batman movies in with MOS and BAM you have your DC Universe. The realism of The Dark Knight Trilogy works because it’s all before these super human beings show themselves to the rest of the world. No explanation needed.