Well! That was unexpected!

Mike Fleming just reported on Deadline that Hugh Jackman and THE WOLVERINE director James Mangold are in talks with Twentieth Century Fox for another solo Wolverine movie, thanks in no small part to a $413 million international box office haul that’s made it the second highest grossing X-MEN film to date.

Fleming reports that Mangold is writing a treatment with longtime franchise shepherd Lauren Schuler-Donner set to produce.

(So much for Sean’s recent Tweet wondering if Fox might finally consider getting out of the X-Men business if DAYS OF FUTURE PAST doesn’t make big bank. Looks like Fox is planning for the long haul.)

The Gentlemen talked about the movie in a podcast roundtable you can hear here, and you can read our very own Josh Costella’s review here.

I liked the movie but didn’t love it as much as I’d hoped to because of issues with its final act; Jackman’s dedication to the character and his fans is second to none in this genre, and the film’s issues were rooted largely in its shooting script. Let’s hope this next installment dials back a bit on some of the sillier elements and the studio’s need to shoehorn in as many extra mutants as possible.

(Though maybe we’ll see some more ninja action in the Extended Cut arriving on Blu-ray on December 3. Just be careful which version you buy; the Extended Cut is only available in the 3D set.)

This will be Jackman’s eighth time playing the character. Eight! That’s so awesome. I love the guy.