Hot Toys Presents THE DARK KNIGHT Armory

The premier provider of genre movie collectibles has outdone itself with Batman’s armory from THE DARK KNIGHT. Announced last month and still available for pre-order, this gorgeous set comes in three different configurations depending on the size of your shelf and tax return. You can get your armory by itself, with Alfred, with Bruce Wayne, or with both!

Also, Henry Cavill’s Superman from MAN OF STEEL is shipping now. Check out the images below.

DC Comics Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure Set
DC Comics Batman Armory with Alfred Pennyworth DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure
DC Comics Batman Armory with Batman DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure



DC Comics Man of Steel: Superman DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure


  • Adrian Edmondson

    Oh if I had the money …….

  • Geoffrey

    I have a lot to express here. Please allow me to share how I feel for a little bit.

    I’ve been a Batman fan since I was 3 years old. I’m 35 now. And it REALLY bothers me whenever someone says “You’re not a real Batman fan if you like the Dark Knight trilogy and Christian Bale’s Batman.” Who are they to be deciding who’s a real fan & who isn’t? Shame on them! They have some nerve!

    The Dark Knight trilogy is my all time favorite live action interpretation of Batman & will forever be. I’m rooting for Ben Affleck to do an outstanding job as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel. I’m a Ben Affleck fan & I hope his Batman turns out to be really cool. But in the end, in my heart of hearts, he’ll NEVER outdo what Christian Bale did with the character. Ever!

    With all that said, these figures look incredible! The articulation is spot on & well done. They captured the likenesses of Christian Bale & Michael Caine perfectly! The Bat-suit, the gadgets, etc., all look really cool!

    I will definitely be saving up my money to purchase this set! I’ll buy the Henry Cavill Superman figure as well. It looks awesome! 🙂