MMM Podcast #161: The Social Lexperiment

The Batman/Superman movie has been delayed, but that hasn’t slowed down any news around the film. The Gentlemen are back with their thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg joining the cast as Superman’s most notorious foe, Lex Luthor, and Jeremy Iron suiting up to play Alfred. In the case of Eisenberg, the casting may have come from left field, but it’s also pretty inspired.

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  • Anthony Claret

    Good podcast gents: thanks. But: Michael Caine actually DID serve in the military so if ANY actor was the ‘hard nut’ Alfred; it was he and not Irons. HOW can you see Irons being a more credible action Alfred? I mean, he was even considered for the Scarecrow role back when ‘Batman Triumphant’ was mooted. Good actor: ok; action man / pastoral mentor: no. In fact, I’d have preferred Irons as Lex! Whatever happened to the Timothy Dalton as Alfred rumour? Now THAT would have worked for the whole ‘Alfred was once a spy’ thing..either him or Pierce Brosnan?!

  • Anthony Claret

    also..i think it’s a shame we will never see the smooth and ripped lex of the comics: he can still be a genius but the whole tragedy of his character is that he worked on EVERY part of himself and WAS close to perfection..until Superman arrived. At a superficial, visual level in that sense: Idris Elba, Colin Salmon, Jude Law, heck even Bruce Willis..all mooted before Jesse..all in a way more apt? Yes, one cannot judge before a reel is shot; but just because it’s surprising and different does NOT make it another Ledger!

  • Ryan Maddux

    Definitely agree that we will finally see the modern incarnation of Lex Luthor on the big screen but I wouldn’t say that it is just comic fans that know of the modern Luthor. Don’t sell short with what Michael Rosenbaum did for the character of Lex. Yes there were moments of cheesiness but Rosenbaum embodied many of the qualities of Lex that you guys mentioned. He brought the character and that modern incarnation to the mainstream. And he took the role seriously and that went a long way in putting that 1970’s version of Lex in the past. And considering that Smallville was mostly enjoyed by a non-fanboy audience I do think the perception of the modern Lex is out there…so it might not be that big a shock when see what Snyder and Eisenberg do with the role.

    But as always…enjoyed the podcast and keep up the good work.

  • Geoffrey

    I just want to say that I don’t understand why some want WB/DC do the same things Marvel Studios is doing. All I ever see online is people saying: “DC is copying Marvel.” They need to get their own ideas.” & my favorite “DC needs to do what Marvel is doing!”. haha! DC just can’t win with some folks. People wanted them to do the shared cinematic universe thing. Now that they’re doing it, some people are making it seem like it’s a bad thing & already rooting for it to fail.

    I just wish people would make up their minds already.

    As for the casting in this film, as predicted, many feel that this film will be “the worst ever” because of the unconventional casting choices. People’s preconceptions are prohibiting them from seeing these people as actors. Instead of seeing them as actors who, when given a chance, can showcase different facets of their acting ability, they see them as actors who played similar types of characters in several films. They see them as type casted actors.

    Now, on one hand, I can understand why some may have reservations when it comes to unconventional casting choices. On the other hand, just because an actor or actress is not what you perceive them to be when playing a certain role, does not mean it’s a bad thing or that it’s going to be a bad thing. I’m glad those who are unhappy with these casting decisions have no expectations now. When they go to see this film, they will see these characters in a brand new light because of the actors playing them. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, is up to those who’ll see the film. They will judge for themselves.

    To me, not having any expectations before going to see a film can be both refreshing & exciting. I find that I’m increasingly bored with films that offer up things you expect. What Zack Snyder & company are doing is trying to offer the movie going public a unique & different experience. One that I’m sure they knew would have people talking 24/7!

    They’re clearly going with actors who don’t fit people’s perceptions of the characters they’ve known since childhood. Man Of Steel was a reimagining of the Superman legend. It was a modernized version of a story we all know by heart. They crafted the film in a way that made everything seem fresh & new. Sure the film upset some & angered others. But I applaud what Zack Snyder & company accomplished. In my opinion, Man Of Steel was a very bold, ambitious, unapologetic, highly inspired, take on Superman & the characters in his universe.

    I love the fact that it is it’s own thing. It’s not beholden to any previous Superman continuity. Zack Snyder & company succeeded in bringing a new vision of Superman to the masses. A Superman who is not perfect. A Superman who is conflicted. A Superman with a little edge to him. Of course you can’t please everyone. Man Of Steel is not for everyone & it’s sequels won’t be for everyone.

    I just feel if some were to calm down & think about these characters in different ways, ways that are different than what they’re use to, they would be able to get behind these new adaptations.

    Being traditional is fine. Having an open mind is fine. Being cautious is healthy.

    To me, Christian Bale’s version of Batman is my all time favorite. In my opinion, no one will ever outdo what he did. With that said, I’m very much looking forward to Ben Affleck’s version of Batman. I’m a Ben Affleck fan & I hope he gives an outstanding performance as that character. See? I already have my favorite version of Batman. Also, I’m hoping for the absolute best with this new live action version of the character.

    Those who are territorial to the point when they start saying things like: “You’re not a real fan!” just because one likes a version of a character they don’t like, are both ignorant & rude. And if one feels a movie is going to “bomb” because of a certain actor they don’t like, then don’t go see the movie. They would save themselves from a lot of heartache if they decided to stay home. If their “clairvoyance” lets them know that far ahead of time about the success or failure of a film, they would stop seeing these films all together. lol
    All I’m saying is people should have an open mind. It’s ok to be traditional with your views & it’s ok to be cautious. But don’t be so traditional & cautious to the point of not allowing yourself to have a good time. Loosen up a bit & just wait this thing out like the rest of us.
    This post has run a bit long & I apologize. Great podcast as always guys! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say. A lot of times I agree with you & sometimes I disagree with you. But all in all, I always enjoy coming to this site to read the great articles & listening to the thoughtful & intelligent podcasts.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    Oh…before I go…has anyone seen the picture Gal Gadot posted recently? She’s really hitting the weights! She’s looking very good with the muscle mass she’s been adding to her frame. Can’t wait to see her in her Wonder Woman outfit!