MMM TV: AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep. 112 ‘Seeds’

Finally, MMM TV is back. We apologize for our absence and we will be making up for lost time with this episode and another immediately to follow. In “Seeds,” it’s back to school week for AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., as Marvel’s jet-setting spies investigate attacks at the organization’s school for scientifically gifted youngsters. Plus, the origin of Skye!

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  • Michael Lalaian

    My favorite thing about this episode was all the world building going on, which I realize may not be the most important thing to other viewers. The Wall of Valor alone was pretty cool, especially when you notice the first names are accompanied by the S.S.R logo, then followed by various SHIELD logos which I can only assume represent Operations, Science, and Communications. Getting into the minutiae of that stuff is really one of my favorite things about super hero media in general. I also like how this show is populating the world with threats, in a way the movies don’t really. Ian Quinn, Graviton, The Blizzard, the Clairvoyant, etc… in the movies most villains are killed in the same film they are introduced, with Loki being the only villain to reoccur.

    One nagging question I’ve always had, though, is how well known is SHIELD? This has always been a nagging question for me. In the first Iron Man it seems like Tony and Pepper have never even heard of it, and in Iron Man 2 Tony is shocked to find out that his father helped create it. More recently in Thor: The Dark World, “Intern” expressed not knowing what it was and Darcy responded with “It’s a secret!” At the same time, they roll around in vans that say SHIELD on the side, and on various episodes of M:AoS it seems as though civilians know what it is. Hopefully CA:TWS will settle this question in some way, with the Triskelion being right in the heart of Washington DC.