Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly In Final Talks For Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE

Last month, The Wrap broke the news that Marvel Studios was considering Joaquin Phoenix for the title role in DOCTOR STRANGE. Today, Collider reports Marvel and Phoenix are now in final talks with negotiations characterized as being on “the 1-yard line.” The chances of Joaquin Phoenix suiting up as Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, for director Scott Derrickson are looking pretty good.

Without question, the casting of an actor of Phoenix’s caliber would be a huge get for the new DOCTOR STRANGE franchise and the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. The assumed drawback in Phoenix taking the role has been Marvel’s preference to sign actors to long-term contracts ranging from six to nine films. Such a preference is understandable given the need to have certain characters appear in solo and AVENGERS movies.

Hopefully, today’s news means that whatever the real points of contention  may have been, they’ve all been smoothed out over the last several weeks. It’s never a bad idea to have a great actor lead a new franchise. Phoenix certainly qualifies in that regard.

Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE does not have an official release date yet, but is expected to arrive July 8, 2016.

  • Nayan Desai

    That is definitely a bold, unusual move on the part of Mr Phoenix. I think that his acting chops are such that Marvel should almost count themselves lucky they sealed the deal, so to speak. He is a rare talent, a true character actor with an intensity to him, best characterized in ‘The Master’, that is going to be superb for Stephen Strange! Well done Marvel if it turns out to be true and i am looking forward to Stephen Strange on the big screen more than ever now!

  • TheDarkPilgrim

    This casting would make me incredibly happy! His performance would have potential to blow away audiences, and from everything I’ve seen from Phoenix, he would surely dive head first into the role.

  • stock

    My reservations aside, it certainly makes Dr. Strange a more interesting movie from the onset. Now, if it goes through, its just keeping Phoenix interested in a very long term relationship. Which, I think, is probably the most difficult thing about it.