Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Enjoys Gargantuan Opening Weekend!

The weekend estimates are in and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, frequently labeled as Marvel’s biggest gamble, is now the studio’s latest record breaker. With $94 million dollars earned in its first three days, GUARDIANS has shattered the previous mark for an opening weekend in August, which was $69.3 million for THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM in 2007. With an additional $66.4 million picked up overseas, GUARDIANS has now amassed a worldwide total of $160.4 million.

The film has almost made back its $170 million budget while only opening in about half of the international territories in which it will eventually show. Key markets like China and Australia have yet to weigh in. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is a massive success that should continue paying dividends for Marvel Studios based on high marks from critics (92% on Rotten Tomatoes) and moviegoers, as the film received the coveted “A” CinemaScore.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY clearly has the strong legs needed to withstand what remains of its summer box office competition.

Source: Variety

  • Adrian Edmondson

    Saw it . Still like Cap more but certainly opened the door wide open for the MCU to expand and offer more variety .

  • T.J.

    Seen it twice already, 3rd time in a little over an hour.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is the best thing to happen to both Marvel *and* DC in a long time. For Marvel, there’s no material they should feel hesitant about bringing to the screen. If you can pull off Rocket & Groot, you can feel confident in just about any property as long as you’ve got the right director and the right cast. (Except Howard the Duck. Don’t ever show Howard the Duck again.) DC fans should be encouraged, too. First of all, can we get a Green Lantern reboot greenlit already? Superheroes in space > superheroes on Earth. Second, you now know that people will buy into Rocket & Groot when the movie’s good enough. Why wonder anymore if they’ll buy into Wonder Woman? Or Flash? Or Martian Manhunter? Just make a good movie and the people will show up.

    • texvor

      There’s nothing wrong with Howard The Duck..geez what were you expecting shakesphere..considering the time and era it was released?
      Actually like Howard the duck this movie shows the difference between Marvel films and DC films. DC films have always strayed away from its more fantastic elements while Marvel films embrace them. Howard the Duck is a perfect example of this because you have a full fledged monster in that film. Now in the recent marvel films like Thor and GotG you see all that type of stuff..while DC is still guy in costumes fighting other guys in costumes. Green lantern bombed because it was tryig to be like Iron Man without the witty script..and it just didn’t embrace its concept..something like GotG does. And do you know what is strange about GotG? I couldn’t help thinking how similar a story GL origin (could have been) to GotG with Star lord’s. If they had only cut out the earth bits and focused on him being in space and how he deals with that experience as well as a threat and his other GLs who look down at him for being from earth like the animated DVD did it would have been a different story.
      Again Marvel has shown up DCand WB once again by making a movie that they could and should have done by using the talent thatt hey have in the animation departments. As far as that end credit sequence goes…i think if they had the right people like Gunn a movie of thatcan easily work with a witty and satirical script.
      What’s funny is that Howard can get made now by the company that tried to sue Marvel for being too similar to Donald Duck…