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Photo by CJ Wilson

Marvel Deems CM Punk Worthy Of THOR

Former WWE professional wrestler (and still The Best in the World) CM Punk is ready for his next career venture- writing comics for Marvel. Punk, who left WWE back in January and did a little work for Nerdist at San Diego Comic Con in July, is wasting little time in his new field by taking on one of Marvel’s biggest characters in his first assignment. Punk is penning a 10-page backup story in February’s THOR ANNUAL #1 with art by Rob Guillory.  Continue reading


Marvel & STAR WARS Pair Up For 3 New Series In 2015!

Originally announced by Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada during his Cup o’ Joe panel at Comic-Con, we now have complete details on three brand new STAR WARS comic books Marvel will publish in 2015. New monthly titles STAR WARS and DARTH VADER will be joined by a PRINCESS LEIA mini-series on comic shop shelves in the first quarter of next year. Learn all about these new series and the creative teams behind them via the press release and artwork from Marvel below. Continue reading


Open Forum: Why Doesn’t Marvel’s Movie Success Translate to Comic Book Sales?

Amidst the announcements of shakeups to Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man and the subsequent analysis, I did something I seldom do these days. I looked at the June 2014 sales chart. And beyond the Original Sins event, I was surprised at just how low sales were for the titles featuring the cinematic Avengers.
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Marvel Introduces AVENGERS NOW! Initiative

We’ve been reading and talking about the new Thor, Captain America, and a new location and suit for Iron Man for the past few days. It is all part of Marvel’s ambitious, new initiative- AVENGERS NOW! Led by the previously announced ongoing series of THOR, ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA, and SUPERIOR IRON MAN, AVENGERS NOW! marks a new era for the Marvel Universe. Continue reading


SUPERIOR IRON MAN Takes His Talents To San Francisco!

Unlike Thor and Captain America, Iron Man will not be getting a new identity. He will, however, get a change of scenery when Tony Stark heads to San Francisco in SUPERIOR IRON MAN this November. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Yildiray Cinar are going to show a side of Tony Stark that we haven’t seen in a little while. Tony is going back to his narcissistic roots and while that may not be his best side, it is usually entertaining. Continue reading


MMM #202: AVENGERS Enter A New Era & The AGE OF ULTRON

The very first official images and plot details from Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON were released, so off to the virtual podcast studio we went for Superhero Movie & TV Talk! Then, we started fielding your questions and a discussion emerged around the new, female THOR and a brand new CAPTAIN AMERICA. We looked at what this means for comics and what it could eventually mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Sam Wilson Is Marvel’s (And My) ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA

Sam Wilson, known to comics and now movie fans as The Falcon, will take over shield-throwing duties for Steve Rogers in the upcoming monthly comic, ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA. Writer Rick Remender and artist Stuart Immonen will tell the story of Sam rising to the rank of Captain America after Steve Rogers is stripped of his super soldier abilities (and youth). There must always be a Captain America and Sam Wilson will answer the call. Continue reading


Marvel Will Announce Another New Title On THE COLBERT REPORT

On yesterday’s episode of THE VIEW, Marvel announced THOR, a new title with a female hero taking the hammer and name of the original God of Thunder. Tonight, Marvel will return to television on THE COLBERT REPORT to announce another all-new title and era for one of the company’s “most classic” characters. Continue reading


Meet The New THOR; She Is Worthy

As promised, Marvel announced a “Thundering” new title on THE VIEW this morning. Written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Russell Dauterman, THOR will introduce a new wielder for Mjölnir after the current God of Thunder, Thor Odinson, is deemed unworthy. For the first time ever, the power of Thor will be possessed by a woman. Continue reading


Marvel To Announce A ‘Thundering’ New Title On THE VIEW

On tomorrow’s episode of THE VIEW, Marvel is going to announce a “Thundering” new title. Given the headline in the press release (below), this most likely has something to do with Thor. Do not get your hopes up (that much) for the title of The God of Thunder’s third film, however, as this sounds more like a new comic, which is still very cool. Continue reading