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Hot Toys Offers A Bat-Signal And Gotham’s Top Cops

Still enamored with THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY? Me too and so is the premier creator of superhero cinema collectibles, Hot Toys. The company has just released pre-orders for 1:6 scale renditions of Commissioner Jim Gordon, John Blake, and the Bat-Signal. Gaze upon the images below and then decide between ordering Blake and the Bat-Signal, or the complete set which also includes Gordon.  Continue reading

Cinderella Featured

Try On Disney’s New CINDERELLA Trailer

Walt Disney Studios has released the first full-length trailer for CINDERELLA, a live-action adaptation of the animated classic. Directed by Kenneth Branagh (THOR), CINDERELLA stars Lily James (DOWNTON ABBEY) in the title role along with Cate Blanchett (BLUE JASMINE) as her stepmother, Helena Bonham Carter (ALICE IN WONDERLAND) as her Fairy Godmother, and Richard Madden (GAME OF THRONES) as the charming prince, Kit. CINDERELLA won’t be in theaters until March 13, 2015, but you can enjoy the trailer, a new poster, and new images below.  Continue reading


Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Available Today On Digital HD!

You can own Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY as early as right now on Digital HD! The James Gunn film currently stands at $770 million in global box office revenue and is sure to make another fortune in home release (the Blu-ray is coming December 9). Connect your iTunes, Google Play, or Walmart VUDU account to Disney Movies Anywhere and you’ll be able to take GUARDIANS  with you to any quadrant in the galaxy.  Continue reading

Marvel Phase 3 Timeline

Marvel Releases Phase 3 Timeline Poster

In celebration and appreciation of their fans on Facebook and Twitter, Marvel has officially released the glorious Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 timeline image that was first shared at last month’s event inside the El Capitan Theatre. It’s not new information, but it is still so great to see all of those films listed together.

Marvel Phase 3 Timeline

Avengers Infinity War

SMT #222: Opening Up The Marvel And DC Mailbag!

Too many questions? No such thing as we dive into a massive mailbag full of Marvel and DC inquiries from our loyal listeners. We tackle several topics including the commonplace nature of dark and edgy content, how much DC should strive to be like/unlike Marvel, ANT-MAN potentially being ostracized, DOCTOR STRANGE’s origin, CAPTAIN MARVEL casting, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, how prevalent The Joker should be in the DC Movieverse, whom the JUSTICE LEAGUE should fight, just what the hell is up with FANTASTIC FOUR, and so much more!

Featuring Andy DiGenova of Holy BatCast.

Download HERE.


Marvel Adds Daniel Bruhl To CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Marvel has made a new addition to CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, casting Daniel Bruhl (RUSH) in a yet to be announced role. According to Variety, Bruhl will be a villain in the film, but not the main antagonist. He could, however, be the big bad in DOCTOR STRANGE later in 2016.  Continue reading

Hulk Buster

Sneak A Few Extra Peeks At Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!

The trailer that’s been seen more times by more people than any trailer for any other Marvel film is now bigger and better. Yesterday, Samsung released an extended version of the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON trailer featuring more creepy and cryptic admonishment from the titular villain. Watch closely and you’ll see flashes of some extra action beats as well including Iron Man zipping around in his latest armor.


SMT #221: Suicide Squad Is For (Twisted) Lovers

Superhero Movie Talk returns with a brand new episode featuring our analysis of the latest news in the genre you know and love! This week, we discuss the latest casting rumors surrounding SUICIDE SQUAD including Jared Leto as The Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. We also discuss whether or not Joker belongs in SUICIDE SQUAD in the first place before chatting about the directorial frontrunner for WONDER WOMAN and FANTASTIC FOUR’s “Blogter Doom.”

Download HERE.

Guardians of the Galaxy

First Look: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Blu-Ray Special Features, Plus A Q&A With James Gunn!

The biggest movie of the year is on its way to a screen (very) near you, starting as soon as next week. Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be released on Digital HD next Tuesday, November 18, and 3D/Blu-ray on Tuesday, December 9. We’ve got the full list and a review of the special features, and a Q&A with director James Gunn after the jump!  Continue reading


Report: Margot Robbie To Play Harley Quinn In SUICIDE SQUAD

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have found their Harley Quinn, if a new, exclusive report from Collider is to be believed. According to the site’s sources, Margot Robbie will play the role in director David Ayer’s SUICIDE SQUAD. Robbie’s already shown how well she can play one half of a dysfunctional relationship in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, making her an ideal fit for a character largely known through her mostly psychotic, sort of romantic association with The Joker.

Continue reading