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Star Wars With Friends #7- The Clone Wars: “Clone Cadets”

The Clone Wars allowed for an amazing expansion of the prequel era. Characters, locations, and situations only briefly glimpsed in the films became the basis for stories that explored what it meant to live in this time.

“Clone Cadets” is a perfect example of this, introducing us to a core group of clonetroopers that immediately became fan favorites. Watch with us and guest Tim Geraci (The Saga Continues Podcast)!

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Doctor Who Series 8

Review: DOCTOR WHO S8, Ep. 2 “Into the Dalek”

Before the end of “Into the Dalek”, the Doctor asks Clara if he’s a good man. The second episode of the season seems well on its way to setting the stakes for Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor as dealing with existential questions as well as whatever the big bad of the season may be up to. It’s an existential question triggered by the Doctor journeying into the inner workings of a Dalek, literally, and discovering that there may be good and evil in everyone, including himself.
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Agent Carter Adds 2

Marvel’s AGENTS CARTER Adds Two Series Regulars

Marvel has recruited two new operatives for the upcoming television series, AGENT CARTER. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) will not be working alone at the Strategic Scientific Reserve. She will be joined by Chad Michael Murray (ONE TREE HILL) and Enver Gjokaj (DOLLHOUSE) as Agent Agent Jack Thompson and Agent Daniel Sousa, respectively. Both characters are series regulars. Continue reading


Rila Fukushima Set To Play Katana in ARROW!

The third season of ARROW is looking even better with the addition of Rila Fukushima as Tatsu Yamashiro, a.k.a. Katana. Fukushima, who was lethal as Yukio in last year’s THE WOLVERINE, will appear in flashbacks (and surely the eventual present) as a mentor to Oliver Queen. Fukushima replaces Devon Aoki (SIN CITY), who had to give up the role due to a scheduling conflict. Continue reading


Get Your First Look At Lucy Lawless In Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel has released the first image of Lucy Lawless as Agent Isabelle Hartley in AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. while also confirming the character will debut in the second season premiere. You can see the photo below now and catch Agent Hartley in action on Tuesday, September 23 at 9:00pm ET on ABC. Continue reading


THE FLASH Speeds Through New Poster!

The CW has released a new poster for THE FLASH. The upcoming series, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, is inching closer to its October 7 premiere (8:00pm ET on The CW) as it continues to impress in promotional and marketing materials. Looks aren’t everything, but THE FLASH appears as though it could quickly become the hottest superhero show on television. Continue reading

Star Wars With Friends Logo

Star Wars With Friends #6- The Clone Wars: Theatrical Release

Meet Ahsoka Tano! Anakin Skywalker’s padawan makes her first appearance in the movie that introduced the world to The Clone Wars animated series. Beginning with the end of the seige of Christophsis and ending at the cradle of the Star Wars saga, Tatooine, it’s a blend of faces and locations both familiar and new. We’d love for you to watch with us!

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Doctor Who Deep Breath

Review: Doctor Who S8, Ep. 1 “Deep Breath”

“Deep Breath” is both the title of Peter Capaldi’s initial episode and advice for a certain section of the fanbase who are likely in for a readjustment as The Doctor goes in a wildly different direction. Gone is the youthful manic energy, the good looks, the goofy pleasantness, and in is a more old school, acerbic, and quiet Doctor. One who you don’t know quite what to expect from and is not, at first glance, comforting.
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AOS Creel 2

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Absorbs Crusher Creel

Marvel has made another major addition to AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. for the series’ second season. Director Coulson and company will have to deal with another super-powered foe when Carl “Crusher” Creel causes trouble in the season premiere on September 23 at 9:00pm ET on ABC. Creel, better known to comic fans as The Absorbing Man for his ability to take on the properties of any object he touches, will be played by Brian Patrick Wade (GENERATION KILL). Continue reading

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Star Wars With Friends #5- THE CLONE WARS: HIDDEN ENEMY

Season 1, Episode 16- As the fighting on Christophsis continues, Anakin and Obi-Wan uncover evidence of a traitor in their midst. As they race to a confrontation with Asajj Ventress, Rex and Cody are left to identify the danger before it’s too late. Watch with us!

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