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  • clark denning

    Hi Sean i just played the first podcast from march 14 2011 have you looked back at where we were then where you thought where things were going and how things have played out

    • Oh definitely! I actually kind of hate that episode and how cautiously pessimistic we were. Of course, if all of those 2011 movies had failed (instead of just GREEN LANTERN) and cut AVENGERS off at the knees, we could be looking at a very different genre today. It was important for those movies to succeed and keep the genre fresh, which they did.

      I’m thrilled that our “this could all be over in 5 years” disaster scenario never came to fruition and that just after the fifth anniversary of that podcast, we’ll be getting a Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman movie to propel the DC Movieverse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe still will be going strong. I’m so happy that it’s all worked out so well!

      I only wish that we’d focused more on “what if things go right” than “what if things go wrong.” It was kind of silly not to be more appreciative of what we’d already seen in the superhero movie genre and the opportunities that were in front of us. When you think about, thinking about the possible doomsday scenario for superhero movies was basically outlining the potential end of the MMM podcast on the very first episode. Where’s the fun in that?

      Thankfully, we realized after we were done that we’d been a little (or much) too negative and had a “positivity show” in our next episode. I’m looking forward to this year’s State of the Genre address to poke a little fun at that first episode and celebrate how our concerns never came to fruition.

  • clark denning

    thanks for the link to Empire , when is your next podcast ?

  • Guy Turner

    Hi Sean, Just wondered if you guys were planning on doing a podcast review/discussion on Kingsman: The Secret Service. It was a film I wasn’t too interested in originally but when I watched it last week was pretty blown away by it and would love to hear what you guys thought of it.
    Thanks for all the work you guys do – it’s always a blast! :0)

  • Jesse Brenner

    I meant to post this a while ago but here is my Top 5 MMM Podcasts of 2014:

    Guardians of the Galaxy Commentary (#232): I can’t imagine how fun this was to do, I certainly had a blast and have revisited it more than once. My only complaint: where’s our Winter Soldier commentary!

    Captain America Roundtable (#168): the unanimity about its flawlessness was so potent that you managed to pack in 3 hours of podcast goodness in just over 2 hours — quite an accomplishment for a MMM podcast!!

    Guardians of the Galaxy Roundtable (#205): the sheer joy over the emotional and humorous beats in this classic film were so aligned with my own I couldn’t believe it (but should have!)

    The Force Awakens Teaser Reaction (#227): what can you even say. Paul squeals. Uncle John regaling us with tales of Star Wars days of yore. Justin the Jedi (Sith?) master trying to maintain his expert analytic objectivity but an inferno of ecstacy just below the surface. The only thing more impressive was Justin, Paul and Co. spending two and a half hours breaking down 88 seconds on SWWF. Glorious.

    Massive Marvel Phase 3 Party (#220): probably the one I’ve listened to the most because of the sheer giddiness (and insane amount of REAL information) that I shared right along with the Boyz. I actually sent some of it to my dad who is desperately trying to catch up with me — he loved it. Not to mention Sean’s behind the scenes look at this amazing event (thanks John for pushing him!)

    • Thanks, Jesse! Those were definitely 5 of the most fun episodes we’ve ever recorded and we got to do them all in 2014.

      As for Winter Soldier, don’t worry. If you like Marvel Cinematic Universe commentary tracks, you’re going to be very happy within the next 2 months. I’ve got way more than 12% of a plan!

      • Jesse Brenner

        LOL ok I’ll try not to be ungrateful and a total a-hole :-p

  • Dean Carlyle

    What happened to superhero TV talk , we haven’t had one for months, since before the mid season breaks.

    • Not very many people were downloading those episodes relative to our other shows, so we’ve discontinued them for now. I’m currently working on new ways to get TV covered on the podcast in a way that will hopefully satisfy more people.

  • Impiii

    Seems i’m blocked from your Facebook page or somewhat. Can’t like or comment posts. If you read this in time for the first Marvel Podcast, here is my question.

    Do you think we will see a Spiderman Post credit scene at the end of Avengers Age of Ultran.
    Maybe something in the veins of a staple of Daily Bugle Newspapers on the streetcorner with the Headline “Avengers saved the plantet again”.
    And then from offscreen there are some webs shooting at the top paper and snatching it offscreen.

  • Oumar

    hey guys, enjoyed your Batman Vs Superman teaser reactions even though i didn’t agree with all your points. I was wondering if you guys were planning on talking about the new Fantastic Four trailer that was also released over the weekend.

  • Rob LeBlanc

    Just wondering which version of Ultimite Spider-Man you are using for the Marvel Unlimited reading club –thanks, Rob

  • Rahsaan

    Hello Sean happy to have found and become a fan of MMM. With Sony desperate to grow the Spider -man franchise and fans clamoring for more diversity in comic book movies I’d like to know you and your crews opinion on a cinematic version of the Spider-verse. This could be a way to introduce diverse on screen characters such as a Spider -woman or Miles Morales and for fans who miss Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield maybe showing and suggesting they exist within the distant web of of the universe. Looking forward to your thoughts